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ComStar NA TeamSpeak Feb 4th UI2.0 Launch Event – Transmission From Outreach HPG

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Comstar NA Teamspeak Patch-day Event

The ComStar Teamspeak server is holding a 1-day event to celebrate and playtest the arrival of UI 2.0. We will be gathering together to help organize 4 and 12 man teams. The purpose is to create a fun atmosphere that encourages you to group up with your fellow mechwarriors who you may not normally play with. We will also be checking out the new patch and all the features that come with it. The theme, “transmission from Outreach” is in celebration of the new community that has started on Reddit, /r/outreachhpg. The fluff below also touches base on the most competitive effort to date in MWO,  a competitive community formed on MercenaryStar.net.  Both Outreach and MercStar have a lot to offer to new and old players, as well as casual and competitive. Hope to see you there!

When: Tuesday February, 4th 6PM EST – Midnight.
Where: ComStar NA TeamSpeak (na1.mech-connect.net).




We hope that you receive this message to attend an important Communications Conference. We will discuss the fall of Oberon, and talk about an upgrade to your User-Interface that will raise it’s quality significantly. This upgrade will add crucial features in it’s release, and in the future, to help prepare you for battle. All people of the Inner-Sphere could depend on this conference.

By now, you may have heard the startling rumors of heavy fighting within the Oberon Confederation. Due to current communication difficulties with the Hyper-Pulse Generators, we can neither confirm nor deny the claims of hostile forces, natural disasters, or even alien invasions. In these troubled times, the state of the Inner-Sphere is fraught with rivalries and in-fighting. It is difficult to imagine how we could unite as a cohesive community. However, it is in the best interest of the Inner-Sphere to continue communications and protect the Outreach HPG, much like the Star League protected Galatea (The Mercenary Star). In the past 20 years, “The Warrior World” of Outreach has been revitalized by re-opening Star-League era facilities (with the help of Blackwell Heavy Industries) and offering services such as Hiring Halls, repairs and maintenance, and most importantly, training services headed by our very own Black Widow Company, ranging from Casual to Competitive. These services have brought favorable results for Outreach’s aim to succeed in becoming the most centralized hub for Mercenaries across the Inner-Sphere.

The residents of Outreach, Wolf’s Dragoons, has brought one unit after another into active duty since 3031. As we continue through 3050, the Wolf’s Dragoons have returned to their full-strength and are preparing for battle. Your partners here at Outreach recommend you and your unit do the same. Due to the vulnerable state of the Inner-Sphere, we ask all MechWarriors put aside their differences and assemble together. The Wolf’s Dragoons have differences of our own to reveal, in hopes that we can all fight for this noble cause.

Server Administrators, Moderators, and Event Coordinators at the ComStar NA TeamSpeak (na1.mech-connect.net) are offering their communication services to help bug-test the new User-Interface coming out on February 4th. We have also prepared multiple dropships, fit for 4 or 12, to spar with each other in virtual simulators to prepare for the invasion. We believe that centralizing all pilots in the Inner-Sphere to play in 4-man or 12-man games is crucial to creating a more unified community that can help progress the goal of prosperity for all inhabitants of the Inner-Sphere. Creating and establishing relationships, whether friend or foe, will help the current status quo of Houses hiring Mercenaries for combat. It will help Mercenary Corporations and Houses grow, since it is a great time for Lone Wolves to find a home. There can only be positive results that come from communicating with one another, and the day to do it is February 4th.

We, at Outreach, hope you respond to our call for centralization and communication, in hopes to protect the Inner-Sphere along with the worlds and resources that reside within it.

-Jamie Wolf, Commander of the Wolf’s Dragoons, Planetary Ruler of Outreach.



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