Firestarter K. vs. Jenner F. Humanoid vs. Non-Humanoid



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Hex-Jenner – JR7-F Hex-Jenner
Hex-Firestarter – FS9-K Hex-Firestarter

Jenner-F Torso Twist: 120
Firestarter-K Torso Twist: 100+25 arm movement

Findings: The Jenner is known for behaving like a center torso with legs when it comes to hit detection. Despite this downside, it is much less common for the stubby arms to be destroyed thus partially or completely disarming it.

The Firestarter on the other hand has a humanoid chassis and a better side profile. Theoretically this makes the center torso less of a concern. However, the larger arms are much more likely to absorb hits leaving the mech stripped of weapons earlier in the match. The Firestarter is also considerably taller than the Jenner.

Torso hard-points can be used as a workaround but this would restrict the weapons down to the lesser 100 degrees of torso twist. Another possible experiment of interest would be to run torso lasers on the Firestarter-A variant and compare.

Over the course of about 100 drops the Jenner appears to pull slightly ahead of the Firestarter in W/L and KDR but this could be statistical noise. However, on average I was able to pull off 100 more damage per round in the Jenner and this could be significant.

The evidence suggests that the Jenner F is still the best 35 ton Hex-Laser platform.

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