May 21st Chaos Drop Night hosted by Comstar NA

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New to Mechwarrior Online? Want to try the game with a group of fun, like minded individuals?

Come join us for the May 21th patch on the Comstar North America Teamspeak 3 server. Starting at 8pm EST we’re hosting a Chaos Drop Night!

What is a Chaos drop?

It’s a fun, fast paced, and chaotic way to join random teams, and have a great time.

What do I need to do?

  • 1) Download and install Teampseak 3.
  • 2) Add the Comstar NA TS3 info. (If you have TS3 installed, you can click this link to automatically launch teamspeak, bookmark the server, and connect.) To manually add it, the info is:
    • Address:
    • Password: WordofBlake
  • 3) Join the Chaos Drop Channel and have fun!

PewPewZapZap and other Unit Leaders will be on hand to try and direct the madness, answer questions,and get people into drops as quickly as possible.┬áIf you’ve never experienced Mechwarrior Online with a team, or even if you’re an experienced team player, this is a great opportunity to have fun and meet new people!

See you there!

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