QQ Mercs 1st Annual Awards Ceremony



QQ Mercs recently celebrated their 1 year anniversary just before Christmas as a formal and professionally run Merc Corp dedicated to enhancing the enjoyment of our love of MWO, as well as other games on the side. To give back to our loyal MechWarriors, we gave out 7 awards in the form of 1,250 MC.

The 2013 Award Winners were:

Most Improved MechWarrior – Grimlings aka “The Dick Missiler”

Champion of the Double Q – Jman5 (honorable mention to Selfish for his MWO educational videos and participation in MWO forums and reddit)

Pic of the Year – MrBlonde for Fearoshima’s Defeat in a Blaze of Glory:….Thread!/page12

Mechographer of the Year for creation of MWO videos- Selfish (honorable mention, Ozora’s Gauss-a-Pult compilation)

Epic Moment of the Year – Don Ino’s Triple Kill Air Strike to come back from a 4 kill deficit and win the game

Cleanest Cockpit Award for the player who exhibits politeness, no profanity and all around nice guy – Skyer Stralende

Mr. Atlas Award for carrying the weight of the team on a consistent basis – Kin3ticX (honorable mention to Selfish)

If you see these fine pilots in your drops, please congratulate them on their accomplishments.

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