Raven Hitbox Getting Changes Tomorrow

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Looks like they’re finally pushing a change to the Raven’s hitbox. They’re not saying exactly what the change is, but I doubt it would mean very much to us if they did tell us without using a ton of pictures. I’m really looking forward to this as I’ve personally plugged shut down Ravens with dual AC20’s without doing any damage after seeing their armor glow, and everyone I’ve talked to seems to have a similar experience specific to Ravens. Hopefully they are able to get it fixed in a single try with tomorrow’s patch.

The quote from developer Matthew Craig saying they’re putting this fix in tomorrow patch was located in this thread, but it seems an over zealous moderator has deleted the entire thread since then. His quote was:

Raven hit-box is being adjusted in tomorrow’s patch we will be monitoring to see how the change impacts the overall effectiveness of the Raven.


New Raven hitboxes are in, quoted from March 19th Patch Notes:

- The hitbox complexity of the Raven has been reduced.
– This will result in the Raven being hit much easier and brings it on par with it’s light counterparts.


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