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Watch It Live! Run Hot or Die Season 2 Finals: Steel Jaguar Gaming vs. Swords of Kentares


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The exciting second season of Run Hot or Die is coming to a close and it features a very exciting match-up between the top 2 teams in the competitive MWO scene: Steel Jaguar Gaming (NA Division) and The Swords of Kentares. The finals will be shoutcasted by a panel of competitive players (including yours truly!) on Run Hot or Die’s Twitch.TV channel with a 15-minute time delay.

Tune in this Thursday, December 5th at 9:30pm EST for opening remarks by the commentators prior to the first match. You will hear about the history of these 2 teams and how they have traded blows back and forth, what we expect to see in this match-up, discussion about the competitive scene and popular ‘Mech loadouts being used today.

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